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Koh Lipe Dive Sites

Here at Davy Jones Locker Diving, we try to vary our dive site choice as much as possible, depending on local weather / water conditions and diver ability. There are a fantastic range of beautiful dive sites around Koh Lipe for you to explore with us!

Here are a selection of our favourites;


Pattaya Corner

Our closest dive site and a classic.. We start on the shallow coral plateau before heading around the corner to slalom between the massive granite boulders finally heading shallower again.

Things to see: Powder blue surgeon fish, Boxfish, trumpet fish, puffer fish, mantis shrimp, lobsters, nudibranchs, pipe fish. If lucky you may see turtles, blacktip sharks, marble rays.

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Depths: 5 – 30+ M


Koh Talak

Normally a drift dive this stunning dive site starts on the north side of the island exploring the numerous coral heads that dot the sandy bottom, heading around the east coast the topography changes to a wall of granite blocks, drift along the wall before finishing your dive in the shallower reefs south of the island.

Things to see: Big schools of fusiliers, barracuda, giant moray ells, lionfish, green tube coral, trevally, trigger fish.

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Depths: 10 – 30+ M



The strong currents that swirl over this site provide the ideal conditions for the dazzling array of soft corals that flourish here. Not suitable for drift diving, Stonehenge requires careful dive planning to hit the slackest state of the tide. Even then this is a more challenging dive site, best suited to experienced divers. The dive site is a circle of granite pinnacles around a circular mound, hence the name, although many divers refer to the site as purple haze, in reference to the incredible purple corals here.

Things to see: Incredible purple soft corals, flute mouth cornet fish, batfish, barracuda trumpet fish, lion fish, schools of yellow fusiliers, clownfish.

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Depths: 12 – 25+ M


Koh Yang

This island hosts two of the best dive sites in the area, the South east corner leads along a granite wall, whilst the east side runs along a number of rocky levels.  Both sides can be die either on slack water or make a great drift dive.  

Things to see: Your best chance to see turtles in the area, boxfish, trigger fish, schooling fusiliers and trevally, green tube coral, clown fish, puffer fish.

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Depths: 12 – 30+ M


Koh Addang

Koh Addang is a large island just north of Koh  Lipe.  With dive sites all around the island we can always find a sheltered spot to dive. A wall of coral running from the shallows down to around 18M circles the island. Also makes a great drift dive.

Things to see: Morish Idols, bannerfish, parrotfish, lionfish, scorpion fish, pufferfish, clownfish.

Rating: Beginner

Depths: 5 – 18M


Back Yard

Tucked on the sunset side of Koh Lipe, this local site has a sloping coral wall opening up to granite boulders in the southwest.

Things to see: Cuttlefish, clownfish, scorpion fish,

Rating: Beginner

Depths: 8 - 15M


8 Mile Rock

Our most remote dive site, and very exposed to the weather and currents mean careful dive planning is required to get the best from this dive site.  Once there its open sea location make for an incredible dive,  large granite pinnacles rise from the seabed creating a spectacular dive site that is a home for countless marine life.

Things to see: Batfish, barracuda, giant grouper.  Your best chance to see big ocean pelagics including whale sharks if lucky.

Rating: Advanced

Depths: 18 – 40M

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Yong Hua Wreck

With the ships structure rising from the seabed at 40 mtrs and rising to about 30m from the surface, this a dive for experienced divers only. This 50m long, fish factory vessel, sunk in the 1980s due to a fire on board.  A great place to do your deep specialty, wreck specialty and to train as a technical diver on our TEC 40 program.

Things to see: Large wreck structure, swim through and penetration possibilities, angel fish, travellly, lionfish, batfish.

Rating: Advanced

Depths: 30 – 40M

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Koh Kra and Koh Usen

The long reef that runs along the sunrise coast of koh lipe starts in the shallows and runs down to the sand at around 18M, although a secondary reef extends deeper to the south of Koh Usen.  Makes a great drift dive if the current is running.

Things to see: Lion fish, puffer fish, giant moray ells, eagle rays, stone fish, clownfish.  

Rating: Beginner

Depths: 5 – 18M


Hin Kao

Not marked on the map, this little gem tends to catch the current, and needs to be dived on slack water. The rocks break the surface at the northern end of the site, and the site runs out to the south along a sandy plateau dotted with boulders and coral heads.

Things to see: Khuls stingrays, eagle rays, barracuda, puffer fish.

Rating: Beginner to advanced

Depths: 12 – 18M


Koh Bubu

Another gem not found on the dive site map, a skilled guide can take you along the side of this small rocky island down a series of secondary reefs extending to the southwest at 30m

Things to see: Green tube coral, pufferfish, angelfish, cuttlefish, barracuda.

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Depths: 5 – 30M


The Far Islands

A group of dive sites in the far south west of the archepelligo, the far islands offer some of the best diving in the area.

Things to see: The keen eyed may spot a tiger seahorse or two, rays, angelfish, triger fish, travelly, puffer fish, morish idols, batfish, trumpet fish, banded shrimp, stunning white and purple soft corals.

Rating: Intermediate to advanced

Depths: 18 – 40M