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Deep, Wreck & Nitrox Diving

After completing your PADI Advanced Open Water diver course you may be looking for the next step to progress your diver training.


Widely regarded as the three most useful specialties are the PADI Deep Diver, Wreck Diver and Enriched Air Nitrox Diver courses.  These courses allow you to extend the range and limits of your diving, taking you to the most exiting dive sites and on challenging dives, beyond the range of many divers.


If the idea of exploring shipwrecks appeals to you, the Wreck diver certification is an obvious addition to your qualifications, but with many shipwrecks lying in the 30 – 40 meter depth range, and with limited no decompression time at those depths, when using air, adding the Deep Diver and Enriched Air Nitrox course is the best way to take your diving to the next level.


In the Enriched Air course you learn how to take advantage of the benefits using nitrox, air that has added oxygen, to make longer dives whilst staying within the no decompression limit. You will learn how to analyze your gas to calculate the maximum operating depth, allowing you safely enjoy longer dives.














In the Deep Diver course you will extend your depth to a maximum of 40m, the maximum depth in recreational diving. You will learn more about dive planning, using emergency breathing equipment and look at how pressure affects things underwater.














In the wreck diver course you will learn techniques allowing you to enter overhead environments safely. Using guidelines and mapping techniques to plan wreck dives safely.














At DJL on Koh Lipe we are fortunate to have one of Thailand’s best ship wrecks on our door step. The Yong Hua wreck, a 49 m long factory vessel is still largely intact, beautifully colonized and makes a superb place to do your diver training.

Combining Deep wreck and nitrox courses, allows us to complete the required dives and theory in 3 days.


Contact us today to find out how you can extend your limits with Davy Jones Locker Diving Koh Lipe.

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